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ShadowExplorer: come leggere le Shadowcopy in Windows

ShadowExplorer: how to read Shadowcopies in Windows

Microsoft systems create shadow copy of the files of a particular drive, let's see how to read them with ShadowExplorer. Recovery…

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How to implement the Chiral Scroll in Windows 10

Who had the Synaptic touchpad remembers the chiral scroll, or being able to scroll a page by dragging the mouse to the side ...

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Shake to Find: find out where the mouse cursor is

On macOS systems there is a feature that allows you to find out where the cursor is, just by "shaking" the mouse. Let's see how to have ...

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Personalize your desktop with ScreenStyler

We have found software, still in beta, for you! Personalize your desktop with ScreenStyler, let's see what it offers. All…

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Live Wallpaper: Dynamic wallpaper videos in Windows 10

An interesting tool that allows you to set any video as a Windows wallpaper. Let's see Live Wallpaper: Videos for dynamic wallpapers…

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Unchecky we remove the automatic checks from the software

How many times does it happen that, when we install software, automatic ticks are inserted to install additional programs? With…

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Windows Repair Toolbox: The Swiss Army Knife for Systems Engineers

Would you like to have a tool from which to start Adwcleaner, Process monitor, a backup utility or monitor temperatures ...

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Browser Select: Scegliamo il browser che vogliamo

Browser Select è una piccola applicazione che permette di scegliere con quale browser aprire un determinato link, senza doverne impostare…

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Gestire le group policy in WIndows 10 Home con PolicyPlus

Alcuni strumenti amministrativi non sono disponibili in Windows 10 Home, vediamo come gestire le group policy in Windows 10 con…

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